About Black Canyon Where it Starts

Welcome to Black Canyon Restaurant.   We are considered a new American, full service restaurant that specializes in custom, in-house, from scratch cuisine.

We source the best ingredients to create meals that consist of steaks, seafood, poultry and pork as well as craft salads.

black canyon craft cocktails fort wayne
Discover Custom Cocktails and Craft Beers

A From Scratch – Staff engineered Craft Cocktails Menu that focuses on unique and creative options.

Do you have a passion for Wine?  We do too!!  We have a sommelier on staff that keeps up on the latest trends in fine wines.

Looking for a great beer?  A constantly evolving selection of Craft Beers is available on draft.  See our Facebook Page for the most recent addition.

Superior Management General Manager
Bruce Dodge

Bruce Dodge has over 30 years experience in running successful restaurant operations.  He spends a lot of his time paying attention to the details that matter to guests.

Bruce’s skill set is unique and it shows throughout the operation, from the focus on guest service to the cleanliness of the space.

Visit Black Canyon today, and Bruce will most likely be visiting your table.

Bruce Dodge